I don’t understand why American’s would not want illegals to be removed. Most other Country’s have strict immigration policy. You can’t just pack up and move to another Country. Nor should you be allowed to. And the USA should enforce strict immigration laws. Now Arizona is stepping up to the plate and doing what the Federal government should have done. Apparently this offends some people, mostly those with a dog in the fight, no doubt. How else can you explain a group of people getting upset over a law that will undoubtedly make it safer to live in Arizona. There is a group of people, mostly Hispanics that think they will be unfairly targeted and racially profiled. This new law addresses that issue with a simple requirement: It’s called “lawful contact”. As far as I’m concerned, every State should be looking at a similar law. Read more from the Washington Examiner here: bit.ly/ae8zAf

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