Watching this TedX was interesting. The challenge is to consume as little as necessary, and when necessary to consume make choices as best one can with reusable or biodegradable only products. Of course to achieve zero waste will be impossible. Unless we wear wood shoes and only cotton or wool clothing and use a horse drawn buggy to get around. But the machines used to make even those products will likely have an element of waste. In any case, it’s an awesome concept and a great challenge to think about how we consume and how we can shop better, to reduce unnecessary waste.

I just can’t help but wonder, where all the jobs would go if we stopped consuming the way we do. I’m sure there is a solution available from someone much smarter than I. As a society, are we willing to make the changes necessary?

Would you consider sacrificing some of the consumerist conveniences we have in order to produce less waste in your household? If not, why? Are you doing it now, and if so what are you doing? Please leave your comments below.