Apparently Samantha Bee is from Canada. I can tell you her ignorance and immaturity is not reflective of MOST Canadians, at least the friends I have and the ones I am related to.

I understand she was not directly saying Kyle Coddington has Nazi hair: Read But if the left is supposed to be about tolerance and being “PC”, don’t you think they overstep their own boundaries all the time?

I also subscribe to the “sticks and stones” theory, so am rarely offended. I also do not feel it is my duty to be offended for others like a SJW (Social Justice Warriors). But I think “name calling” is immature. And people (regardless of political, religious or gender identity) need to grow up. The “your mother is so fat” jokes got old decades ago. The ridiculous comparisons like “they have Nazi hair” need to be boxed up and put away. Let the jr high school kids use them; after all that kind of behavior is jouvenile. Grown ups need to be better examples. I know that is hard for someone like Samantha Bee to… be.

Unfortunately, like here in the USA, there are idiots above the 46th too.

What do you think about what Samantha Bee said?