I’m tired of the anonymous fact-checkers that Facebook partners with. In former years, the EDITOR of the publications we read was a known PERSON who would be accountable. 

Today, we share sarcastic and satirical MEMES that these “fact-checkers” check for veracity! REALLY? This is what Facebook is partnering for? To fact-check sarcasm and satire MEMES? 

I get that they might want to “fact-check” links to news stories. Because there are many fraudulent websites whose purpose is to undermine the #TRUTH. Even conservative ones… But these fact-checkers miss the real context of sarcasm and satire… 

Is it because real people sometimes do not understand sarcasm and satire? If people were careful and included context, there would be less misunderstanding. We reap what we sew. Hence, here we are with AI scanning our posts. And adding warnings to make sure they can control the narrative. 

When they check the “facts”, they are only cross-referencing certain web sites. They only cross-referece the sites that are approved for the “network”.  How many of the “Russian Collusion” “stories” were marked as “missing context”? Or had a warning that “this was proven untrue”? 

There once was a day when journalists fact-checked themselves. If they didn’t, they were accountable to their publication’s EDITOR. Their jobs and paychecks were at stake. We could TRUST the journalists to do their best to present the TRUTH. And when there was an error, they would own up to it and correct the record. Now errors get corrected. But they get buried deep because they prefer the lie over the truth to advance their sick agenda. 

Today, there are no more… or at least, very few… REAL journalists. Most are writers who opine masquerading as journalists. Their reporting is not objective. It is subjective. This is what the Internet has wrought. Because everyone has an opinion, and because many well known pundits are paid handsomely for their opinions… everyone wants to be a pundit. This way they do not have to do the real work of being a true journalist. 

While I too opine, I do not count myself in this category because I am not paid. My opinion is not THAT valuable, if it holds ANY value, really…