I received one of these calls today. Apparently they have been diligently calling and trying to reach me. My family has taken messages several times, as I wasn’t home when the scammers were calling. Until today. So I took the call. They said they were from Windows Service Center in Ontario. I asked for a phone number too. Then asked to speak to a supervisor after the scammer gave me a computer id number for my computer. I am wondering how they got access to that, my name and home phone. None are on any documentation together. I asked for the corporate address, and was told they couldn’t give it to me. I said I would be calling the police if they didn’t give me the corporate address. The scammer supervisor then said “they’ll tell you we are a scam, fool.” Then hung up on me. HA! These guys are getting more and more devious. Make sure your anti virus, malware and firewall are up to date.