I cannot speak Arabic, and can only take the video at face value. If the translation is true, I cannot comprehend how anyone would want to teach their children to be a martyr, or to even encourage it. This is one thing, of many I cannot comprehend of the the Muslim Faith. Can someone please enlighten me? As a Christian, I teach my children to love everyone, even our “enemies” as that is what Jesus taught. War is complicated to teach children, and I think a child’s innocence is precious and pure. Why pollute their minds with an adult’s issue? Let them be children and keep them out of it. They will grow up soon enough.

If the translation is not at all accurate, then it disturbs me how far people will go to distort perception. Watch the video and share your thoughts:

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When we die as martyrs – Palestinian Children

Downloaded from the site….. The source is an Islamic satellite channel for children called “Birds of Paradise” which broadcasts from Bahrain and aired in Gaza. The children’s choir is also called “Birds of Paradise”. The head of the channel, Khalid Maqdad, is a Palestinian Jordanian.

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