Live Earth on MSN: The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis

I didn’t watch this…I remember watching “Earth Day” on TV in 1990. I was 19. And I remember thinking to myself “how much garbage will this generate and at what cost to clean up?”. I remember seeing vendors using styrofoam cups which were not eco-friendly at that time; paper plates, aluminum cans, and trash was strewn about everywhere. It cost millions to clean up. So, I was not enthused to watch a similar event tonight. I was amused to hear that Al Gore travelled via Amtrak to the event in New Jersey from D.C. Does he always travel in an eco-friendly way, or was this for mere publicity sake? And how about all the artists that performed? Did they “carpool”, or did they each take thier own jet, bus, or limo to the venue where they performed? How much electricity was used to put on the event, that would cause concern for conservation? And finally, I did visit the website provided by MSN and checked out the message boards. What I read was mostly hatred between people and not the love that is need to bring this world together. The biggest question I have about this event, is if it truely was about Saving the Earth, why didn’t the most prolific band in the world perform? Where was U2? Maybe this is the answer:

Can Live Earth really save the world? | Rock Roots And Jazz | Music | Arts | Telegraph: “Perennial do-gooders U2 have stayed out from a mutual desire not to confuse the issue, being closely linked to African aid campaigns including Red and Make Poverty History.”

Or maybe they didn’t perform because the “green” cause was more about the color of money, and less about true conservation…