Kidd Kraddick Photo

Kidd Kraddick

Kidd Kraddick, a nationally syndicated radio host has died Saturday of a brain aneurysm cardiac disease in a suburb of New Orleans while at a charity golf tournament for his charity Kidd’s Kids. He was 53.

I never knew him, spoke with him or even exchanged emails with him. But I am saddened by the news that a fellow radio guy has passed and will no longer be entertaining his audience. He sounds like he was someone I would like to have known though. Another radio friend shared a touching story of Kidd’s generosity for an employee who was struggling to beat cancer. Kidd gave his employee six months off with full salary so he wouldn’t worry and could just rest to beat the cancer (this in addition to not having any issues with all the time off taken for hospital visits and chemo). Kidd sounds like he was a true compassionate person. My prayers to Kidd’s family, friends, co-workers and to his audience who will also have a void to fill.

Since he was nationally syndicated, stations across the Country will be scrambling to fill that void left. Monday will not be a fun day in many radio markets. It is also sad that many see an opportunity (I feel guilty for recognizing the opportunity myself) … many radio people have been displaced by syndication deals, so now there is a job opening. This is either an opportunity for someone to take over Kidd’s show as a nationally syndicated host, so Kidd’s company can fulfill it’s obligations to the affiliate stations, or it is an opportunity for the affiliate stations to look for a local show or different syndicated show, to fill the space. Either way when one door closes, another opens. It is the circle of life.