I’m not the guy that can show you why and how Barack Obama is destroying America from within. I’m not the guy that can explain why Mitt Romney is just like Barack Obama, but with an R by his name. I’m not the guy that can explain Ron Paul’s plan for America is the best and really the ONLY one to consider at the ballot box in November. I’m not the guy that can convince you to vote for an America,  governed as a Republic, bound by the Constitution.  


I was pretty vocal in 2008, trying to expose what Obama would do to the Country if elected (and the fact that he is not eligible to be President). People voted for him anyway. Most weren’t paying attention and just wanted to say they helped get the first African American elected, to show that they weren’t racists. Looking back at the last 4 years, Obama has done what I said he would and more! 

Maybe it’s time for me to take a political sabbatical. After all, most people seem to already know who they will be voting for. Most people do not seem to realize there is a REAL choice (Ron Paul), and not just the lesser of two evils (Mitt Romney). Most people won’t take the time to educate themselves about who the candidates really are, and they get their (mis)information from a very biased MSM. The MSM has already decided who they want to “win” (Barack Obama) and “lose” (Mitt Romney), and who they can make you think is “irrelevant” (Ron Paul). They have the upper hand when it comes to brainwashing the misinformed. Sadly, neither of the two primary choices will bring America back. Only a Ron Paul WIN will bring actual change and restore America to the great Country our forefathers created when they drafted the United States Constitution

I don’t want the government in my life, or in yours. The federal government has no business directing people’s moral behavior. That is the individual’s choice and family’s, the church’s and the community’s responsibility to guide, instruct and educate. Parents should teach morality by example. The church should support families. And the community should support the churches and the secular organizations that take care of the less fortunate within the community. We can get along finely without the government. 

Let me tell you where we have arrived, as a nation asleep at the wheel: There is federal money being spent on programs that go against what the Constitution guarantees. Some of these programs strip us of our civil liberties. All I want from the federal government, and it’s primary Constitutional role, is protection from foreign and domestic enemies. We do not need the federal government to enforce it’s power against our ability to make choices for ourselves. God gave us free will. Why give the government the power to take that free will away? The federal government has no business in business. It has no business in education. It has no business in religion and it has no business in morality. The federal government is too big and it’s powers are far too reaching. We do not need a President that evokes executive orders that supersede the Law as it is written in the United States Constitution. Furthermore, we should not be “protecting our interests” abroad, when we can not even take care of our interests at home. That is just a glimpse of where things stand right now in our downward spiral. 

Maybe you don’t care about these things. Maybe you like the status quo. Maybe you only want to vote for the most popular, maybe you just want to vote for the person that looks the best or most presidential, maybe you only want to vote for who your party tells you to vote for or maybe you only want to vote for the person that shares your religion. But I am here to tell you, if you want a free America, then vote for the candidate that will uphold the Constitution!  

 I am saddened to see that I have family and friends that are voting for Romney. After everything I alerted people to in 2008 about Obama, I am actually SHOCKED that people are saying they will vote for Romney this election. He is Obama with an R! If you don’t believe me, click through some of the links I have provided in this post. You will learn he is NOT the man that we need in the White House. Educate yourself about Romney! His campaign has cheated and stolen the Republican nomination. If he will stoop that low to circumvent the process for the party nomination, how will he act in the Oval Office? These actions speak louder than words. If you truly want a better America, do not throw your vote away on Romney. 

Vote for Ron Paul in 2012. Just because Ron Paul’s name may not be on the ballot, does not mean you cannot write his name in! So write him in if you have to… and vote for him because he is the ONLY candidate willing and able to fix America. If people in my life that I care about, family and close friends, are serious that they will vote for Romney, then I will have to take a political sabbatical because to hear it is disappointing and this is too exhausting to continue.