When was the last time any of your friends or family said, “I believe in you”?

Someone in my network of friends, co-workers and business associates shared the video below. It was timely for me, for various reasons. What Evan Carmichael says in the video is very relatable to me, maybe it is to you too.

When was the last time any of your friends stood up and said, “I believe in you, you are gonna change the world”. When was the last time anybody in your circle told you that? And so the problem becomes: if you’re the only person who believes in yourself, there’s nobody around you. And worse, the people around you are telling you that’s it’s not possible, telling you that you can’t change the world, that you can’t accomplish your big dream. Then at some point that takes it’s toll. Right? That bruises your confidence. That shatters your ego. That makes you feel like, maybe that was just a crazy dream. ~Evan Carmichael

Until today, it had been a LONG time for me to hear any encouragement or belief in me and what I am doing (other than my wife, not to say her support and encouragement doesn’t count). I’d like to add that many times actions speak louder than words. Someone can say they support you or believe in you but when they act in a different manner and when their actions are opposite of their words, it’s easy to lose trust in what they have said. That is my recent personal experience.

Everyday tell somone

If someone is embarking on a personal quest of some sort whether it is managing their own business, trying to lose weight or quit an addiction, don’t assume they know you believe in them. Be sure to say to them “I believe in you” and also do things for them that show you believe in them. If they are trying to manage their own business, find a way to purchase something they are selling and/or refer business to them. If they are trying to change their life, find ways to support them and keep them moving toward their goals. If they are going through difficult times, find actionable ways to show your encouragement, don’t just say “I understand what you are going through” because it’s possible you don’t.

Very few people will actually click the link I have shared and come here to read this blog post. But for those that do, know that “I believe in you”. If you are here, there is a good possibility that you need to hear it as much as I do right now. You can reply to this post or send me a message through whichever network you came here from and let me know that you got my message that “I believe in you”. And knowing you need to hear it, I will support you however I can: sharing your product or service if you are looking for customers, or just a sharing regular message to support you. Maybe we can support, encourage and believe in each other. Remember “I believe in you”.

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