Getting Older

In 2006, I read studies that showed that the average male lives to be 72; the average female, 76. That same year, I turned 36 and realized I was by all statistical accounts, middle aged! That was almost 10 years ago already! I’m getting older, that’s for sure.

I turned 45 this year, and these past 45 years have gone by very fast; faster each year. I was thinking about what it would be like to live another 45 years. While the first 45 have gone by quickly, and with some ease (relatively speaking)… the next 45 seem like they would be more difficult, complicated and challenging. Life is changing at rapid changes (socially, politically and technologically) makes me cautious (but not curious) for what life would be like at 90.  The closer I get to 50, the less likely even 72 seems to be a milestone I will endeavour to reach. But who knows what the next 27-45 years holds.

The first of my five children becomes a legal adult this year; my youngest will become a legal adult in 2028… I will turn 58 that year. My dad passed away when I was 18, he was 67. I am not yet how old he was when I was born. It’s a humbling thought that he was close to 50 when I came along. I’m already past that middle-aged statistic, approaching half a century now and am, for all the life challenges, fortunate to be in relatively good health. Thankful that I can still have my birthday cake with my family and eat it too!

Incidentally, Ariana made my birthday cake this year and it was very yummy. Thank you, Ariana!

Birthday Cake

Piece of cake