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Every year Montreal hosts an amazing international fireworks competition. Countries from all around the world come to participate. Throughout the summer, every Saturday night the Montreal skyline lights up with beautiful colors and big booming sounds echo throughout the Monteregie. It’s always a fun time to be had. More info about the competition here: www.internationaldesfeuxloto-quebec.com/en/ 

There is irony in this annual festive event. It is frequented by the same crowds that hype up Earth Hour and Earth Day. I gaze in amazement watching all the cars idling as people wait to exit the parking lots and traffic is backed up on the streets for thirty minutes or more with exhaust filling the air. As we pass by these slow moving or idle cars, it’s not only exhaust that we smell though, if you catch my drift. Back in the parking lots, I am disgusted by all the trash that people leave on the ground. It makes me wonder how much people really are committed to conservation. I guess on the positive side, it does provide jobs for people, albeit paid for through exorbitant taxes.

For those of you not familiar, we are an independent, conservative minded family. We are the kind of family that liberals think are irresponsible when it comes to conservation and sustainability because we do not participate in those Earth Hour or Earth Day celebrations. However we do practice conservation regularly and simply don’t want to promote socialist organizations that use emotional causes as a front to push their “rationed energy” agendas. 

For the last couple years as part of our efforts to be environmentally conscience, unlike the majority of these festivity goers, we have biked down to the river to watch the fireworks. We have found it is much more fun for the family, and less stressful for me as the driver. Doing so also helps us to cut back on unnecessary emissions and we don’t have to worry about finding or paying for parking. I can confidently say that as a family we participate more in conservation than most of the liberals that only participate in those annual events. 

Are these people hypocrites or are they just misguided?