Clearly I’m disappointed that I have friends that still “like” Obama on Facebook. On one of my friend’s profile my fan page is randomly listed right next to Obama’s. In any case with all the mistakes he’s made, the embarrassment he has brought by apologizing for our past and the fact that he is letting the Country slide into tyranny, baffles my mind when I see any of my friends “liking” Obama. It may have been fashionable in 2008-and early 2009, but here we are in the middle of 2010 with the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, more nationalized industries than any other time in US History and higher taxes on the way with Cap and Trade makings it’s way to being law. Why on Earth would anyone “like” what this “Leader” is doing to the Country. This is one instance I would actually use the “Dislike” button if Facebook had it. Please read and share your thoughts on Obama. Like or Dislike:

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The White House invited criticism of the president’s leisurely approach to his job when spokesman Bill Burton criticized BP CEO Tony Hayward for taking his yacht out for a race; this as Mr. Obama was enjoying himself on the links with the vice president. Mr. Burton dismissed critics by saying that Mr. Obama taking time for golf “probably does us all good as American citizens” because it gives him an opportunity to “clear his mind.” Husbands who spend every weekend out golfing should try that excuse out on their wives and see where it gets them.

President George W. Bush gave up golf in 2003 on principle because it would be unseemly for the commander in chief to spend so much time enjoying himself while American troops are fighting and dying overseas.
While America suffers, Mr. Obama is hosting gala events at the White House, hanging out with rock stars, making pro-forma photo ops and then returning to Washington to “clear his mind.”
Last week, for example, Mr. Obama spent between $500,000 and $1 million of taxpayer money to fly to Ohio to deliver a 10-minute speech touting his purported achievements.
Vice President Joe Biden took an all-expense-paid trip to South Africa to watch World Cup soccer after kicking off a public-relations campaign called “recovery summer,” which seeks to convince Americans that the Democrats’ almost trillion-dollar stimulus program is solving everyone’s problems.
Polls show that most Americans aren’t buying the Obama administration’s happy talk.
Meanwhile, Mr. Obama continues to helicopter off to the golf course while taxpayers pay his greens fees.Read more at
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