Off Track

Life is full of distractions, as I’m sure you have noticed. And we generally look at distractions as inconveniences because we are often side tracked from our purpose or intention. It is very frustrating to be on our way to get something done and suddenly, we are diverted from our course and even possibly forget altogether what we originally set out to accomplish.

We have all had some type of experience where something like that has happened. It may be something as simple as forgetting to get milk on the way home because we got a business call after we left the office. Or it may be something more grand like a life diversion where we have gotten off track from accomplishing a specific goal. It’s happened. And we’ve had to manage it one way or another.

Regaining Focus 

Girl on Cell Taking NotesTo get back on track sometimes requires great focus; even more so than we had starting out. First we have to think about what we forgot, or what direction we were headed. To do this we may have to backtrack in our footsteps to get back to where we were distracted. This can be very time consuming. Then there may be obstacles to overcome to get back on the right path. When you don’t allow for diversions in your goal setting, these can compound and really take you astray. Sometimes within these obstacles are more distractions and if we aren’t careful, we will continue to be distracted into perpetuity. How can we make sure we get back on track? With simple reminders, and/or a road map.

If you carry a planner with you, jotting notes down for things you need to get or do can be very productive; i.e. having a to do list. Prioritize what’s important and focus on one item at a time, usually the most important one. And for goal setting, being as descriptive as possible even with deadlines can be the map that keeps you from getting too far lost when life throws a curve ball. With your goal setting in place, it can be easy to find your way back to where you were, when you get sidetracked.

Changing Course

Sometimes the distraction may actually be a detour to your intended path. Maybe you forgot the milk, but later found out of an accident on the road you would have taken at the exact time you would have been there. It could have been you! But the distraction saved your life. Maybe you were on your way to become an astronaut but a life experience on the way, which seemed like a distraction from your goal, turned out to show you that your real desire is to be a science teacher. 

We should never be afraid to change course, however we mustn’t hasten to change course either. We should focus on what we feel in our heart to be the correct thing to do. Whatever you focus your thoughts on, will be the direction your life will take. If you do find yourself wayward from the direction you were headed, take a moment to take inventory of yourself and what is happening around you because the diversion may be the correct path after all.

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