Bengals lost Browns won

Cincinnati Bengals The Cincinnati Bengals played the Pittsburg Steelers today and lost 33-20. QB Andy Dalton was injured early in the game, in the first quarter which undoubtedly affected the game. They are now 10-3, but still in position to go to the Super Bowl.


Cleveland Browns The Cleveland Browns won today’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. I was not really surprised as I had predicted the win last week. The score was 24-10. QB Johnny Manziel played an exceptional game and I hope he continues to prove he is the guy for the job. The Browns are now 3-10. So, we won’t see them in the Championship game this year. But if they use the momentum of today’s game, could get them fired up next year and we could have two Ohio teams contending for the Championship title in 2017!


So while “Bengals lost Browns won”, one out of two ain’t bad since it is usually the Bengals that win.