Moving Day


A friend’s Facebook post reminded me that today (July 1st) is “Moving Day” in Quebec. Ah.. memories. Hot summer days, the smell of cardboard, the screech of tape on the boxes and having pizza and soda pop for supper. We moved A LOT when I was little, mostly when I

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We No Longer Celebrate Christmas

Family at Christmas

What is Christmas?   In the Western world we recognize December 25th as Jesus Christ’s birthday. It is the day to celebrate His birth. We know that December 25th is not His actual birthday but exact records were not kept in those times. Christianity embraced December 25th as an answer

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Facebook is a virtual reality that mirrors your real life

Facebook Like

How’s this analogy: Your Facebook Profile is like your home. You “hang” your pictures on your walls, and leave the photo albums out for (random) people to look through. You can choose who you let in, and you can even have conversations with specific people via “lists“. Lists are a

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Will we ever be the United States again?

United We Stand

I have no issue with anyone protesting or standing up for something they believe in. I do take issue with employees protesting on the employers dime and on my time. These NFL players are abusing their employment contract and the privilege to perform for me. They are entertainers, not moral

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