I don’t quite yet understand the full contours of this steampunk productivity movement, but its basic motivation is clear: when we can embody our work in a clear, visual, physical manner, we can accomplish more, and do so with more satisfaction. The answer to our economy’s distressingly stagnant non-industrial productivity numbers , in other words, might not be faster chat tools and better-featured shared documents, but instead a return to a more analog and hands-on relationship with our work.

I would embrace returning to a more analog and hands-on relationship with work. I am at a point where I do like some of the convenience of technology but am seeking ways to use it without losing the personal touch and real world product. For example, what fun is a digital scrapbook over a real world one? Of course digital theoretically “lasts forever” and that is where the “back up” comes into play. In any case, I’m seeking retro objects for my real world experience. What about you?

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