Say what you will about Alex Jones; some people think he’s a conspiracy theorist. However, he has some very valid and important points in this video about boycotting the Super Bowl. All to often we lose sight of what matters because what matters seems too complicated and time consuming to get involved with. Understanding government and being involved in the community does take effort. It takes commitment. It takes time. It takes education. Watching TV takes little commitment, and no education but it does take a lot of time. Following the statistics of your favorite sports teams and athletes takes some education; you have to read and memorize what you wish to know. As time passes, and Americans become hypnotized by television programming, there are powerful people dismantling the United States of America. While people are educating themselves about pass and rushing yards, sacks, interceptions, touchdowns, wins and losses or other sports trivia, others are planning and executing a new form of government. And they try to sneak it in, in the middle of the night on weekends (sound familiar?). Fortunately, like our military there are individuals at the local, state and national government levels that sacrifice their time to protect the Freedom we have. They stay informed and share what they have learned with the rest of us. We shouldn’t let these sacrifices go to waste. We need to stand up for what is right. We need to be proactive. It may not be easy, but just think about what sacrifices the Founding Fathers made? 

While I won’t be boycotting the Super Bowl, I will also be sure to spend time educating my children on how the government is supposed to work. I will spend time educating my children on what Freedom is. And I will teach them about the sacrifices that have already been made. I will keep myself informed and will act accordingly. What will you do?

Posted via email from Charlie Profit Report